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Discover cool yard art on this weekend's Wallingford Walk

August 12th, 2011 by master

Lace up your walking shoes and head out to see a new side of Wallingford.

Wallingford Walks is at it again! This month we’re exploring Wallingford with two UW Masters in Art History to take a look at yard and public art throughout the neighborhood. This is not a gallery walk, but an exploration of the artist in all of us. What does art mean to you, to your neighbors, and to the Wallingford neighborhood? Come find out!

The walk will be at a moderate pace and will be about two hours long, although they’re known to run a little long. All ages and generations are welcome and encouraged to come!

Meet at Tully’s N. 45th St & Meridian Ave N. Saturday, August 13th at 10:00 am.

You can read more on the group’s Facebook page.

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Goddess Festival to raise money for nonprofits

August 10th, 2011 by master

By Christy Wolyniak:

Thousands of masked people are expected to converge on Meridian Playground this Saturday for Wallingford’s first-ever Goddess Festival.

Shuttleworth wants Wallingford to have a unique festival. As the Chair of the Wallingford Art Walk, she was inspired her to pursue her passion for the Goddess Festival.

“[I chose] goddess to remind us we’re all nurturers and healers – [not just women]. I wanted to show that nurturing feel as well as the warrior aspect to get people thinking about what it means to be part of a community and a tribe,” said organizer Tara Babette Shuttleworth, founder of Babette’s Events.

The festival is raising money for 13 local nonprofits, including seven from Wallingford.

Comedy groups such as Jet City Improv and The Storytellers will perform as well as various dance groups such as The BAHAR Bellydancers. At 8:00 p.m. there will be a full moon ceremony to connect the tribe of Wallingford.

There will be three stages featuring local bands, more than 30 craft and food vendors, a Kid Zone, a beer garden in the Wallingford Community Senior Center and silent auctions.

The dress code is tribal warrior. “Throw on a mad mask or feathers – whatever represents tribal for you, and raise up nonprofits for your tribe,” said Shuttleworth.

The Goddess Festival runs from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. this Saturday, August 13th at Meridian Playground. If you’re interested in volunteering, email

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City giving away free trees

August 8th, 2011 by master

The city is offering free trees to Seattle residents for their yards or planting strip next to the street.

Applications are now available for the trees as part of the reLeaf program. There are ten species to choose from and the trees can be planted anywhere in a residential yard.

Here are some rules:

  • Permits are required if planting street trees – reLeaf staff will coordinate acquiring permits. Receiving a permit is not guaranteed. No permit is required for yard trees.
  • You must be present at the planting training to pick up your tree(s). All trees should be planted shortly after receiving them.
  • The number of trees approved for your yard may be fewer than the number requested. Please note that tree availability is not guaranteed.
  • If you do not own your home, you must obtain the permission of the homeowner.
  • Trees are limited and applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. The application deadline for street trees (for the planting strip next to the street) is September 1. Yard tree applications are due October 24th. Attend a planting and care workshop and pick up your tree(s) on either October 30th at the Carkeek Environmental Learning Center or November 12th at the Garfield Community Center.

    For more information and for the application, click here.

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    Wallingford leads Seattle to first 'Greenway'

    August 8th, 2011 by master

    By: Christy Wolyniak

    Seattle is home to a handful of fearless bikers furiously pedaling against rain, hills, and traffic; however, with the work of neighborhood community groups, Wallingford will soon be providing safe and enjoyable pathways known as Greenways, for bikers and pedestrians who seek a less intense experience on their way to work.

    “I didn’t get serious about biking until I lived in Sweden with my family. We came back to Seattle four years ago, and I thought I could keep on not owning a car, but I did not feel safe not having a car with my kids who were eight and thirteen at the time on the road. I think that motivated a lot of what I did,” said Cathy Tuttle, founder of Spokespeople, an advocacy group for bike facilities in neighborhoods that organizes rides for newer riders.

    Neighborhood Greenways allow safe passage for children, bikers, and walkers to commute to parks, schools, and other popular destinations without the hassle and risk of high-trafficked streets.

    An example of Portland’s bike boulevards

    “The whole idea for Greenways was [for them to] be one street off from the main arterial, located close to businesses and places people like to go to. If I’m walking, I don’t want to be on an arterial, I’ll walk one street down, but not on 50th, I do not want to be in all that car exhaust,” said Tuttle.

    Since Seattle does not have any existing Greenways, community members are working hard to create Greenway maps and plans that will bring the most benefit to its residents. The Wallingford group has had two meetings in the last month and a half to work out logistics as the Seattle Department of Transportation has chosen its routes for building.

    A draft of Neighborhood Greenways and Seattle bikeways. Click here for larger version.

    The Wallingford Greenway will be about a mile long, running from I-5 and along 44th, crossing Burke Ave N to 43rd going south to connect to Stone Way. Plans are to build beyond Stone Way to the next street up to create a north and south connection to Midvale.

    “Most trips in cars we could do by biking or walking to them if we were comfortable doing it,” said Tuttle.

    Wallingford residents as well as the Wallingford Chamber of Commerce are thrilled to be the example of Seattle’s very first Greenway, according to Tuttle.

    “Once people get the idea and understand that parking is not going away and that streets will be more pleasant, businesses and residents are happy to be part of that neighborhood [that has a Greenway],” she said.

    Tuttle estimates that by December, Wallingford will have a working Greenway that the neighborhood can take pride in.

    Residents in Northeast Seattle, Ballard, Beacon Hill, and the University District are also in the process of mapping out how to connect their entire neighborhood through Greenways in the near future. Funding for these projects varies: Seattle Children’s Hospital is footing the bill for the construction of Northeast Seattle’s Greenway, while Beacon Hill received a neighborhood grant last year. Ballard and the U-District have also been in meetings recently.

    Although some residents might fear the loss of parking, Tuttle said Greenways would not change the roadway other than to make it slower, which is generally an agreeable addition for families and residents to have a quieter street. Some communities may choose to decorate their Greenway with art or plant trees near the street.

    Greenways or ‘low-stress roadways’ as they are called in Portland, provide an affordable solution for biking infrastructures that would otherwise be costly to the city, said Tuttle; one more reason why Portland has adamantly adopted these Greenway projects.

    Portland’s expansive Greenways provide a model for what Seattle Greenways might one day become. In the next three years, Portland hopes to have every neighborhood attached to Greenways; amounting to 20 miles a year.

    For more information on Greenways, visit the Sally Bagshaw blog or contact Cathy Tuttle at

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    Time to Jive in Meridian Playground

    August 4th, 2011 by master

    By Christy Wolyniak

    Wallingford is proud to introduce its first annual music festival set to take place this coming Sunday at 11:30 a.m. in Meridian Playground on the corner of N 50th and Meridian Ave N.

    Organizer and Wallingford local, Josh Sarro is excited to see the outcome of the festival after first coming up with the idea this past March.

    “[I realized that if] I wanted something to exist, but didn’t make the effort to make it exist, it wouldn’t happen,” reflected Sarro about his idea for to organize a music festival in Wallingford.

    Nine local bands will be featured; most of which are connected to the Wallingford neighborhood. Vibrations of rock, folk, guitar, Reggae, Jazz and other melodies will be humming above the fruit trees and plentiful gardens of Meridian Playground on what is hoped to be a nice day.

    “[The festival] is set up in a way so that the audience gets a great [musical] experience and the neighbors will not be bothered [by the noise level]. We’re hoping they’ll come out and join us,” said Sarro.

    Musik Garten will be hosting a percussion exploration site for kids to learn and share in the harmonious fun.

    Although the festival is running on a shallow budget of no more than $2,000, local business such as Not A Number Cards & Gifts, Fin Records, Video and Fitness Services, and Musik Garten have helped make the event possible with their support.

    “[There have been] a lot of positive responses from people [about this weekend]. All of the bands are working pro bono and donating their time,” Sarro said. “I always love seeing new bands – you never know what’s going to happen.”

    Concertgoers are encouraged to take advantage of the public transportation system, bike, carpool, walk, bear crawl, or use other alternate modes of transportation in order to decrease pollution and harm to the environment.

    Click here for more information.

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    Beautiful evening for the Art Walk & Beat Walk

    August 3rd, 2011 by master

    Tonight is the First Wednesday Wallingford ArtWalk and the newly named Beat Walk – the music for the evening. Below is information on the businesses participating and their respective artists.

  • Irwin’s Coffee Shop: Photography Artist, James Perkins
  • RAIN Sushi: “RAIN Employees” artwork
  • Wally Pets: Photographer – Paul Brown- owner of Wally Pets, Photos of Orangutangs from his trip to Borneo.
  • Seamonster Lounge: Anthony Warner presents photos of PUBLIC ART from around the world. An expo of public art, murals, stencils, and graffiti pieces from Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Rome, Mexico City, New York, Havana, And Los Angeles. With Photography from Wallingford Art Walks very own Beat Walk Coordinator, Suzanna Wheeler. It will be her birthday that day as well! There will be a kickoff party at the Seamonster Lounge featuring free stencil art and drink specials- Wed. August 3rd, 2011 6-9pm.
  • Teahouse Kuan Yin: Jan Viney, a local nature photographer. We will be displaying a collection of beautiful bird and landscape photos, all shot here in the Northwest.
  • Wine World: Featuring four artists this month for Art Walk!Miska, Nina Mikhailenko, Kristen Winn and Erik Andrew. We will also be offering a free wine tasting from 6-8 pm!
  • Oasis Art Gallery: ‘Beneath the Surface’ Exhibition – August 3-October15
    Reception, August 3 6-9pm. Featuring: Abstract textured photographs on canvas by Josh Martin, found object art and mixed-media by Wallingford resident Nancy Merrill, hand painted silk by Miranda Roberts, photographs by Forrest Sargent who is a young man with autism, and fun-loving mixed media art by Gwendolyn Worthy. Images and more info here.
  • Stu Stu Studio: Summer Sale art, accessories,apparel, tasty treats and more! Hand bags by Crystalyn Kae, screen printed apparel by Gavin Carrol of Lunch Design, collage masterpieces by Marty Gordon, bathroom magic by Ugly Baby Shower Art, gorgeous vintage finds brought to you by The Pretty Parlor, one-of-a-kind jewelry by Dotted Line, and fresh baked pie by local poet and pie baking wonder, Kate Lebo. 6 to 9 pm
  • Blue Star Café: Marcia Douglas – Seattle–based artist/printmaker

    “I print for the joy of it. I like to work with layers of color and imagery and with Solarplate etchings, which give me a way to integrate my photographs into monoprints for fresh interpretations. I enjoy applying a variety of techniques to let the story of each piece reveal itself as the work and I go along in the creative process. My inspirations come from visual memories of moments in time, shapes and colors playing with and against each other, and the simple pleasure of making marks on the plate. My prints are relief and intaglio, sometimes including both in the same monoprint. I make monotypes and also editions. My processes involve various ways of creating plates, depending on my mood and what a piece seems to want. I often incorporate collage elements in my work. I began working in oil-based printing inks but have switched to Akua inks, which are non-toxic, soy-based and produce rich colors. For etchings, I use the Solarplate process which is also non-toxic.”

  • Studio #8 at Gasworks Gallery, 3815 4th Avenue, NE. Open Studio first Friday in September and December.
  • Key Bank: “Ms. Iris Jaffee is KeyBank’s Featured Artist. She is a self-taught artist and long-time resident of Wallingford. Her career was in the sciences and you can see that in the unique detail of her work. She enjoys using the blending of water colors for most of her work. Her works come from all corners of the world. We welcome you to meet Ms. Jaffee and see her work. Refreshments to be provided.”
  • Seattle Mosaic Arts presents the work of Gretchen Fuller. Traditional art form meets pop-culture iconography in Gretchen’s intricate and whimsical mosaics. This skilled mosaic artist creates functional and decorative pieces that are both playful and challenging. All of it makes you smile–don’t miss it!
  • Fuel Coffee
  • – Patrick Perkins. We will have live music in our store (Kevin Long & Dane Ueland) starting at 8pm on Art Walk night.

  • Xon’s Bakery (Boulangerie Bakery)
  • – Matt Ballard. “Recent changes in my life and awareness have brought me to my current work with perception. My curiosity, appreciation and respect of animals has inspired me to create a series of paintings (virtually
    endless) of animal silhouettes surrounded by a plane of swirling colors representing one plane of
    perception, being emotion and growth. The words in several languages are a metaphor for how well we understand each other as a whole as well as the definitions of these words as we know them.”

  • Not A Number regularly features local artists, especially in various types of locally-made greeting cards (local photography, poets, painters, graphic artists, even from Wallingford!).
  • Below is Music for the Art Walk. We will now start calling musical entertainment Wallingford’s Beat Walk

    Wallingford Beat Walk in August

  • Wallingford Center 6:30-7:30p
    Haiku-Chi !
  • SeaMonster Lounge 6:00-8:30
    Blue Monster
  • Fuel Coffee 8:00pm
    Kevin Long & Dane Ueland
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    Block parties around Wallingford

    August 3rd, 2011 by master

    Tuesday was the National Night Out Against Crime and many blocks got out and met their neighbors.

    With streets closed around Wallingford, people pulled out the grills, the lawn chairs and even the stilts.

    Take pics at your block party? Send them to us at or Tweet to @mywallingford.

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    Meet your neighbors at Night Out Against Crime

    August 2nd, 2011 by master

    It’s the one day a year, when hundreds of roads are blocked off and neighbors come out to meet each other.

    Tonight is the annual Night Out Against Crime, when neighbors across the country gather in block parties to heighten awareness for crime prevention.

    We’ll be around the neighborhood taking pictures but can’t get to every party. Send us your photos ( and tomorrow we’ll recap the evening.

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    Wallingfordians saved 2,600 miles of driving in July

    August 1st, 2011 by master

    There’s still a month left in the Walk Bike Ride Challenge and so far Wallingfordians have saved 2,599 miles of driving.

    The Walk Bike Ride Challenge is a two-month cycle that encourages drivers to walk, ride their bikes or take the bus. So far Wallingford is in fourth place for the number of participants and driving miles saved and trips switched from cars to other modes of transportation.

    You can still register for the program. Convert at least two car trips per week and you could win a prize for each trip cut. The Seattle Department of Transportation will send weekly emails with tips.

    The more trips one reports, the higher the chance they have of winning these prizes:

  • Electric bike from e-Moto
  • Apple iPad
  • Pan Pacific Hotel stay
  • Zipcar $250 gift card
  • REI $100 gift card
  • Nordstrom’s $100 gift card (supplied by Commute Seattle)
  • $100 gift card good at seven farmers’ markets
  • To join the summertime WBR challenge or for more information, click here.

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