August 4

Time to Jive in Meridian Playground



By Christy Wolyniak

Wallingford is proud to introduce its first annual music festival set to take place this coming Sunday at 11:30 a.m. in Meridian Playground on the corner of N 50th and Meridian Ave N.

Organizer and Wallingford local, Josh Sarro is excited to see the outcome of the festival after first coming up with the idea this past March.

“[I realized that if] I wanted something to exist, but didn’t make the effort to make it exist, it wouldn’t happen,” reflected Sarro about his idea for to organize a music festival in Wallingford.

Nine local bands will be featured; most of which are connected to the Wallingford neighborhood. Vibrations of rock, folk, guitar, Reggae, Jazz and other melodies will be humming above the fruit trees and plentiful gardens of Meridian Playground on what is hoped to be a nice day.

“[The festival] is set up in a way so that the audience gets a great [musical] experience and the neighbors will not be bothered [by the noise level]. We’re hoping they’ll come out and join us,” said Sarro.

Musik Garten will be hosting a percussion exploration site for kids to learn and share in the harmonious fun.

Although the festival is running on a shallow budget of no more than $2,000, local business such as Not A Number Cards & Gifts, Fin Records, Video and Fitness Services, and Musik Garten have helped make the event possible with their support.

“[There have been] a lot of positive responses from people [about this weekend]. All of the bands are working pro bono and donating their time,” Sarro said. “I always love seeing new bands – you never know what’s going to happen.”

Concertgoers are encouraged to take advantage of the public transportation system, bike, carpool, walk, bear crawl, or use other alternate modes of transportation in order to decrease pollution and harm to the environment.

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