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Bounded by two lakes to the north and south (Green Lake and Lake Union) and a freeway to the east (I-5) and a highway to the west (Aurora Ave.), Wallingford can feel like an island even though it sits at the center of the city. Ask anyone who was snowed in for a week or two during winter 2008 — you really don’t have to leave Wallingford.

Residents adore their local amenities and, for the most part, applaud the recent influx of acclaimed restaurants and sweets destinations. But they also love how easily they can get away from the traffic and bustle of the main thoroughfares, N. 45th and N. 50th streets, to quiet side streets of mostly modest Craftsman homes where strollers and trikes sit on every other porch. Families flock to Wallingford for its acclaimed public school (John Stanford International), large parks (Gas Works, Wallingford, and Meridian), and walkability.

About My Wallingford

My Wallingford is part of the Next Door Media network, an award-winning Ballard startup whose sites are dedicated to daily coverage of news and events across North Seattle. Most Wallingfordians are familiar with community-supported agriculture. This is community-supported journalism — your eyes, your ears, your tips, your comments are what will make this site a thriving part of our neighborhood. See a store readying to open or shutting down? Hear that a new restaurant’s in the works? Notice police activity nearby? Learned of an event that would interest your neighbors? All of these (and many, many more) could be stories for the site.

Please send ideas and comments to tips@mywallingford.com and click here to submit an event to the community calendar.

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