December 6

Wallingford voted no for privatized liquor



The majority of Wallingford didn’t want initiative 1183 to pass in the last election. According to this map created by our news partners, The Seattle Times, only a couple of voting districts in Wallingford voted yes, while several had 60-percent or more of voters checking the no box.

Initiative 1183 passed by 59-percent, privatizing liquor sales in Washington State.

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  1. Illustrative of the liberals dominating Seattle in general. The big government people born with a d on their foreheads. Most of which've never run a business or sign their names on the front of a check. So is “Wallingford” going to now sue or ask for a re-vote? Will it pull out of Seattle? Take it like an adult. You lost this one. Move on. Don't worry either, your messiah isn't finished taking us closer to being Europe.

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