May 22

"Teach in" at Chase Bank gets attention, Kucinich



You may have seen a few dozen protesters outside Chase bank yesterday (May 21) between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. A collection of activist groups gathered at 1919 N. 45th St. to “Teach the Banks a Lesson.”

KING-TV reported on Friday that laid-off teachers planned to hold a “teach in” at Chase.

We’re told teachers will be setting up makeshift classrooms to offer lessons on the recession and its impact on education. Teachers have targeted Chase Bank, alleging it has paid no taxes on the mortgage interest income it has made in Washington. If it had, they claim, it would have added nearly $100 million to state coffers each year.

As part of the teach-in, participants wrote messages to Chase in chalk on the sidewalk. By the time we arrived after 3:00 p.m., the “lessons” were almost entirely washed away.

Representative Dennis Kucinich of Ohio, who’s considering a run for Congress from Washington state in 2012, was the surprise guest speaker.

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  1. as someone who lived in ohio under kucinich's short reign as mayor (do some research-he turned down a fed. grant in the 70s that could have paved the way for a great public transportation system)–he's a bit of a kook (teapartiers love him which sets off a red flag right away…) also, he has flip-flopped on choice too…i think it's time for kucinich to retire.

  2. I passed through cleveland on a trip to PA a couple years back and asked around to find out how the locals felt about Dennis. I met one guy who said that because Dennis was incorruptible, his pension was not allowed to be cut and was $1,000 higher than it would have been. I find that Dennis' resolute adherence to virtue and intellectual honesty is very refreshing.

    What was the name of the Federal grant you're talking about? I'd certainly be interested in learning more.

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