April 27

Can Rancho Bravo take "Top Taco Truck"?



This Saturday is the 107.7 The End “First Annual Top Taco Truck Challenge” and Wallingford’s Rancho Bravo is ready for the competition among some of Seattle favorite mobile eateries, including Ballard’s El Camion.

In addition to tacos, there will be a margarita garden ($5 entry), live music and other entertainment. The event starts at noon, rain or shine, at the South Lake Union Discovery Center lawn (101 Westlake Ave N., between Denny Way & John St).

Voting for the top taco ends at 5:30 p.m.; the winner will be announced at 6 p.m.

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  1. what happened? When Rancho Bravo arrived they were had the best tacos I had ever had outside Mexico. Then a year ago things changed the original crew was gone and the food went to sh**. I thought I'd give them another chance yesterday. The result, the prices had gone up and the tacos were even worst. I ordered a sampler, none of them were anything like the originals, even the sauces made the food taste worse. Maybe the burritos are still decent but I don't know who is eating the tacos let alone raving about them.
    Dave on Corliss

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