November 21

Memorial sends sky lanterns over Gas Works Park



This evening we began to see tweets about sky lanterns floating from Gas Works Park over Lake Union. They were released, we learned, in a memorial to Luke Dorsey, who died on Monday, November 15, after fighting bladder cancer.

His wife, Erin Dorsey, wrote on the blog devoted to keeping his loved ones apprised of his condition that Luke hadn’t wanted a memorial of any kind but that family and friends needed closure. “We will be having a japanese lantern lighting ceremony, Saturday night at 7 pm,” Erin wrote on Wednesday in a lovely tribute to Luke. “I can’t think of a more beautiful way to send out our love, than to light off hundreds of lanterns into the sky.”

Luke died at the age of 34. Erin shared this photo of him:

(Photos courtesy of Erin Dorsey)

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  1. I saw these as I was trying to navigate from Fremont back to Lynnwood. My girlfriend and I had no idea what was going on, so we followed the lanterns back to where they were coming from, and sat to watch for a while, before we heard this was a memorial service. We both agree this is probably the most beautiful sign we've ever seen.
    We wish Luke's family the best, and send our condolences.

  2. I hated Luke. He violently attacked me after his friend Nelson harrassed me for hours. Then he and Forest permanently disfigured me and lied to the police stopping any chance of justice in it's tracks. His actions set off a chain reaction in my life, permanently ending my relationship with my father and damaging my relationship with my mother while putting me $12,000 in debt in medical bills and costing me valuable time lost from work. He caused me months of physical pain and emotional trauma. I hated him with bloody rage every second of every day as I was reminded of his actions every second of every day and am now shunned by the oppostie sex daily for what he did to me leaving me to face the world alone for how long I do not know. I wished for his death regularly. Looks like wishes really do come true. Thanks Luke and special thanks to you Nelson for starting the whole shit storm. I will have to work four straights months to repair the damage you dead frind did to me and that is just the cost of getting back to normal physically. The rest of the damage you and your friends did to me will last a lifetime so fuck you Luke, Nelson and Abdon! You know who I am and you know that I hate you. I have watched your friends come and scope me out on many occassion, yes, I knew all along. I extended peace You Nelson but that wasn't enough, no. I was a just good sport game for you all, right? What you guys did was wrong and what Luke got was exactly what he deserved. One can only wonder how many other lives you assholes have damaged and tossed away like yesterday's trash. Remember me Abdon? Yeah, I watched you and you girl laughing at me later on, fuck you! You people are sick in the head! As the loner I was an easy target and your little clique shows no mercy for outsiders, yeah fine, I fucking get it, no love, that's just fine, I don't need it! Your friend is dead and I line on. I fucking win! Karma's a bitch eh?

  3. Thanks for the comments!  Luke was…  is one of the greatest people ever to have graced my life!  I miss him daily!  

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