August 10

Free pizzas all next week at Tutta Bella



Yesterday Tutta Bella was awarded the “Oscar of pizzerias,” and their customers will get the to take home the prize — free pizza.

To celebrate being named “Independent Pizzeria of the Year” by trade publication “Pizza Today” magazine, all four Tutta Bella locations, including the one at 4411 Stone Way, will offer one free pizza to every table from August 16 to 22. Yes, a whole pizza.

From the press release:

Editor-in-Chief Jeremy White announced the winner in an eleven page spread and magazine cover [click to page 58]. “Every independent pizzeria operator dreams of winning this award” says White. “I have personally visited Tutta Bella four different times over the years, and I’ve never left any of the company’s four locations without feeling absolutely blown away by the superior food quality, service, attention to detail, ambiance…you name it. This might well be the perfect pizzeria”…

Joe Fugere founded Tutta Bella in 2004 with a vision of building a business that was firmly focused on authenticity, community and environmental stewardship. He wanted his business to be respected and loved by all who came in contact with his pizzeria — guests, employees and vendors alike. He began with 8 employees in Columbia City six years ago and with the addition of three locations in the ensuing years, he now has a team of 180 employees. “Tutta Bella celebrates a much simpler time when people didn’t cook with fryers and microwaves, when chefs cracked eggs and made salad dressing from scratch. This has come to be referred to as ‘artisan cooking’ ” says Joe. “I strive to run my business with a 100-year mentality; I want my restaurants—and the communities in which they exist—to thrive long after I’m gone.”

Tutta Bella was the Pacific Northwest’s first Vera Pizza Napoletana (VPN) certified Neapolitan pizzeria and as such is held accountable to the Association’s high culinary standards.

Plan to celebrate with Tutta Bella next week? An offer as generous as this one requires some strategy from diners who don’t like to wait for a table (a social event in itself at Tutta Bella, but still). We’d suggest going for lunch, when we’ve never had to wait, or going after 8:00, when most of the families with small children have left.

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  1. Congratulations Joe! We talked to you at length on your opening day, I'm so happy to read of your success!

    Laurie Blau-Marshall

  2. Congratulations to Tutta Bella, love their food and their service. Now–for the serious issue of smoke eminating from the wood-fired pizza ovens. Their neighbors breathe particulates from the wood smoke from the time the ovens are fired up in the morning until the wood fires die down, 7 days a week. Isn't it time to address this level of enviromental stewardship? Thanks for thinking of your immediate neighbors, Tutta Bella. We look forward to your thoughtful response to this important issue.

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