June 29

SPD to shut down roads near Gas Works on July 4



Most Wallingfordians live within walking distance of the July 4th events at Gas Works Park, and we count ourselves lucky not to get stuck in those traffic jams out of the neighborhood around 11 p.m. We’ll pass along this information, though, for our readers who might be tempted to drive and park near Gas Works on Sunday.

In anticipation of the large crowds that will descend on lower Wallingford this July 4th, the Seattle Police Department will close off streets near the Gas Works beginning at noon. Only residents and “others with legitimate business in the community” will be able to drive through.

The SPD also closed roads in the area last year, the same summer that saw a kerfuffle about Porta Potties. Event producer One Reel encourages biking or taking the bus to the Family 4th and the fireworks, but adds this caveat about the bus: “If you plan to take the bus to the park, please prepare an alternate method of return transportation; the available buses after the fireworks will not be able to accommodate all guests.”

For much more information about Sunday’s events, see the Family 4th site.

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  1. I was passing through after the show last year, on a bus going down 35th. The crowds at the bus stops were unbelievable! If they had had about 6 extra buses going each way after the show, it might have fit all the ppl at the bus stops along that street. I definitely advise arranging other transportation after the show

  2. What crap. So those that know someone in the ‘zone’ get primo parking and those residents just outside have to deal with the crap. This city SUCKS! Last year there were lots of spaces available in the VIP zone unused. Oh the life of the privileged and connected.

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