June 8

Babalu shuttered for operating without license



Babalu Mambo Room, the bar/nightclub on the corner of N. 45th and Wallingford Ave., has shut down rather than lose all its liquor, SeattleCrime.com reports.

The Washington State Liquor Control Board revoked Babalu’s license in April because the owners weren’t serving food, a requirement when bars sell hard liquor. Offering $99 TV dinners wasn’t fooling anyone.

A sign on the Babalu door says it’s closed for HVAC renovations, but SeattleCrime.com uncovered this:

On May 25th, WSLCB officials delivered a letter to Babalu’s owner noting that liquor agents had visited the bar on May 14th,15th and 21st, and caught the club operating without a license. Consequently, the WSLCB told Babalu’s owners they could shut down, or hand over their hooch.

On May 19, the Babalu owners applied for a new liquor license.

Read the full story on SeattleCrime.com.

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  1. Good Riddance! I worked at Babalu (aka the Wonderbar) for almost a year. The owner and “manager” is sleezy and doesn’t have any common sense whatsoever. Inventory control is spotty, they don’t pay employees on time – and when they finally pay up its cash under the table. After a fight broke out one “Salsa” night, I had to shove the guys outside (no employed security). I had a knife pulled on me and was called a liar and fired by the boss after he “walked outside and asked around” and no one admitted to it.

    Its a complete joke and a surprise it took this long for the WSLB to finally get involved.

  2. To misquote Craig Ferguson, it’s a great day for Wallingford. Good riddance to bad rubbish, and I hope the WSLB tears up the new application, lights it on fire, and makes “management” eat it. (And then charges them $99.)

  3. Would have been a bad deal to have a “dive” so close to Julia’s. Next thing you know, gangsters start hanging out there.

  4. What a stupid rule from the state anyway, sell a $40 grilled cheese, who cares, what about the over paid liquor control employees who are receiving more than they deserve on tax payer dollars. The state can’t run anything except things into the ground. Check out the newest item to surface, the West Seattle ferry, and how we’re all getting hosed. Shame on the city/state and the unions for screwing us all.

  5. Close it down and replace it with a Thai food joint…yeah, that’s what we need!

  6. A sad time for a upcoming community. This place provides an opportunity for upcoming artists to perform, and also has had numerous popular clientele who enjoy the one of a kind ambience (top level lighting and leather couches). There is a hot dog stand attached to it and a Hawaaian resteraunt next door that delivers. It comes down to this state’s overly strict liquor laws and the control they want over people like yourselves.

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