May 29

Liquor store opens with little fanfare



Open doors and a few balloons tied outside were the only signs that Wallingford’s new liquor store, at 118 NE 45th St. (corner of 2nd Ave. NE), began ringing up sales yesterday.

The new space feels cavernous compared to the old store at the corner of Stone Way and N. 45th. Let us know what you think.

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  1. Yeah… I was hoping they would open a ‘new’ liquor store! Especially after they made the previous one on Stone Way and 45th into a Archie McPhee ….

  2. Very happy to have them back in walking range; we had to go all over the place to get our booze over the past year.
    Familiar face working there, and she gave us a hint to save a bit of money.

  3. They won’t be there for long, after the new initiative passes all your hardpops will be available in the grocery store.

    1. The store’s at the corner of 2nd Ave. NE and N. 45th St., across from Dick’s.

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