May 21

The Sock Monster opens today



Wallingford gets a colorful new addition to neighborhood today: The Sock Monster, at 1909 N. 45th Street. Stop by the grand opening party from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. to see the shop, hear some music, have a nosh, and meet owner Holly Gummelt.

Holly has fulfilled the vision she described to us last month: “I want it to be a place to hang out. A funky, playful, colorful space.” She devoted this shop to socks because the “sock wall” at her other store, Monster Art and Clothing in Ballard, was so popular.

Sharing space with the all the socks (many more are on their way, Holly said yesterday), shoppers will find an eclectic mix of handmade soaps sold by the ounce, Flipside hats, locally produced snacks and sodas, and more indie wares.

Beyond the red curtain in the photo above is Not a Number. Passageways between the two shops will remain open so they can easily share customers.

In the rear of the shop are an Addams Family pinball machine (the best-selling pinball machine ever, for good reason) and custom hula hoops if you feel like moving your flipper fingers or your hips.

The Sock Monster’s regular hours will be Monday-Friday, 11-7; Saturday 11-8; and Sunday 12-6.

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  1. Oh YAY! I miss the sock only store in Westlake. And the one in Bellevue Square is gone, too.

    It’s so hard to find amusing socks for my husband (who willingly wears them, much to my surprise). Sure, one can find all sorts of crazy and/or lewd boxer shorts in Macy’s, come the holiday season, but my kingdom for a pair of socks with reindeer on them!

  2. Just read the write up…congrats!!! I also stopped by the new store on Sunday. It’s looks great!!!

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