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Significant cuts for Green Lake Community Center

October 25th, 2010 · No Comments

Despite the efforts of many neighborhood residents, Wallingford doesn’t have a community center. The closest one is at Green Lake, which because of budget cuts is going to scale back services significantly.

Our sister site My Green Lake today received  information about the mayor’s proposed 2011 city budget from Christopher Williams, Acting Superintendent of Seattle Parks and Recreation.

“I would like to start by making it clear that the 2011 budget proposal does not result in closure of the Green Lake Community Center,” said Williams.  “In fact it, and proposals for several other centers, enables us to keep the doors open at all community centers, some with limited hours.”

According to Williams, the Green Lake Community Center was chosen to be a limited-use site because the Ravenna-Eckstein and Northgate Community Centers are nearby and because small classrooms at the Green Lake facility place limits on programming.

What exactly will the impact be if the Green Lake Community Center becomes a limited-use site?

Williams said that the following programs would continue:

  • Age 3-5 Pre-K School
  • Adult basketball leagues
  • Table Tennis (fee-based programs on Saturday and Sunday)
  • Adult and youth pottery
  • Tot play space in the gym (Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.)
  • Drop-in basketball (evenings)
  • Drop-in volleyball (evenings)

The following programs would be moved:

  • Teen programs will relocate to Northgate Community Center
  • Creative Dance will move to Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center
  • Tot Dance, Yoga with Baby, and music classes for tots and pre-K (Katy Webber’s classes) will move to Northgate Community Center
  • The following programs would be canceled:

  • Drop-in chess (Parks staff are working on finding another location for it)
  • Ballet
  • Private music lessons
  • Tot sports
  • Karate
  • African dance
  • Youth fencing
  • Indoor soccer for tots
  • Kempo
  • Adult yoga
  • Hula
  • As well, there would be limited hours of drop-in time for teens and seniors, and interaction with professional staff would be limited to drop-in hours.

    Evans Pool and Green Lake Park would continue to operate as usual, although there will be reduced maintenance at the park if City Council adopts the mayor’s proposed budget.

    Read more about the proposed changes at Green Lake Community Center on My Green Lake.