August 17

President Obama meets with Tutta Bella owner



When President Obama sat down to talk with small business owners today during his visit to Seattle, Tutta Bella owner Joe Fugere was at the table.  Fugere, who owns four Tutta Bella restaurants including the one on Stone Way in Wallingford, couldn’t get a loan to open his fourth restaurant. 

“The same big banks whose reckless actions nearly brought down the economy told Joe that loaning money to a restaurant, even one as successful as his, was too risky” said President Obama. 

Joe Fugere (left) next to President Obama.  Photo courtesy of KING 5.

Instead of getting a break from a big bank, Fugere finally received one from a smaller local lender.  Fugere’s was one of three small business stories Mr. Obama highlighted during his visit to a Pioneer Square bakery.

“It was the best I could have imagined,” Fugere told the Puget Sound Business Journal after the meeting.  “He really listened.”

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