July 5

Seattle fireworks show lights up Lake Union



After a rain-soaked afternoon, the skies cleared just in time for a spectacular fireworks display that some are calling possibly the best ever at Lake Union.

Photo from Joey Anchondo, Seattle Times. See more photos here.

“That was the best ever!” said KING 5 anchor Dennis Bounds moments after the fireworks ended. “I am like, awestruck,” said co-anchor Meeghan Black.

Organizers promised the show — which was saved by a half-million dollars of donations — would be one to remember. “Any great holiday should be owned by the citizens,” said Norman Langill, President of One Reel. “There’s no way to do it but the same way from now on.”

“They’re not going to let a little thing called a recession stop it,” said Dave Ross, who helped spearhead the effort to save the show with chef Tom Douglas.

Plus: Photos of the fireworks from Wallingford Ave.

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