June 30

Wading pool will open despite low temps



Earlier this week we reported that the low temperatures could keep Seattle’s wading pools closed all week long. This morning we were surprised to learn that despite a forecast of temperatures in the 60s (70 is the threshold for opening the outdoor pools), wading pools will open today.

We checked in with Seattle Parks and Recreation Aquatics Manager Kathy Whitman to find out why she decided to open the pools today.

She wrote:

It is not a perfect science. Staff check a variety of weather sources and focus on sunny skies and warmer temperatures that will draw folks to the wading pool.  We should not open unless it is 70 degrees, but some weather reports called for 69 and sunshine this afternoon, so staff decided to open. We will monitor attendance today to see if this was a good decision.

Based on weather reports, they were not open on Monday and it turned out to be 72 degrees. Yesterday they were closed which was a good decision.  It is doubtful that we can open on Thursday based on the most recent forecast.

Looking forward to sunshine…

Even if it doesn’t feel warm enough to adults, we know quite a few children who would enjoy the pool regardless of the weather.

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