March 27

Avila is Seattle Magazine's 'boldest newcomer'



In the “Best Restaurants” issue (April) of Seattle Magazine, Wallingford’s Avila took the “boldest newcomer” title. Here’s how the mag described the restaurant, which opened in November 2009:

Spring Hill alum Alex Pitts leads a heavily inked crew of cavalier cooks in Wallingford that thinks nothing of tossing braised cockscombs (yes, that’s right, we’re talking about the floppy red fan-shaped bits that crown chickens and turkeys) atop herby risotto, making bone marrow beignets, or wrapping a leg of lamb in a swath of hay and lighting it aflame (quite a show for diners with a view of the open kitchen). The seasonal/ local/sustainable cooking is gloriously bold if, at times, overly enthusiastic (many dishes would benefit from Coco Chanel’s “take one thing off before you leave the house” mantra). But to taste cooking this ambitious, with such vision, without hopping a plane to NYC or LA? We’ll take that deal.

Other Wallingford highlights: a paean to Joule’s mackerel; Kisaku is dubbed “For the Sushi Lover Who Craves a Low-key Vibe”; and Molly Moon’s  and Trophy take Readers’ Choice for best ice cream and cupcakes.

Find other Wallingford mentions and see the citywide lists at the Seattle Magazine web site.

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