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Wallingford trouble spot gets bike lane

December 14th, 2011 by master

Along NE 45th St, bikes and cars share the lane, except for one block in front of Dick’s.

A new bike lane has been installed on the biggest trouble spot in the city. According to the Seattle Bike Blog, this one block has had the highest number of car/bike accidents in the city. In an effort to curb such collisions the Seattle Department of Transportation added this lane.

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More changes coming To Aurora

August 30th, 2011 by master

By Sean Keeley

We’ve seen a lot of new and improved features on Aurora Avenue recently, including radar speed signs and earthquake retrofits. According to a recent blog post by SDOT, there’s still a lot more to come.

The post outlines a whole bunch of impending improvements and changes in the area, while some of them will take place right in our own backyard.

Further south, SDOT is preparing to implement a series of safety improvements centered around the Aurora Bridge. New signage will be installed warning drivers to expect merging traffic prior the Fremont Way and Halladay Street entrances. This project will include improved directional signage to the Queen Anne neighborhood and minor tree trimming to improve the visibility of these signs. Channelization improvements will be implemented concurrently on southbound Aurora at the Fremont Way and Raye Street entrances to Aurora. At Fremont Way, a solid white lane line will replace the existing dashed lane line and extend 200 feet south of the point where the two roadways become one. Since it is illegal to cross a solid white lane line, this new configuration will allow drivers entering Aurora to get up to speed before making lane changes. At Raye Street, a new edge line will be installed to provide drivers with better sight lines when entering Aurora. Coupled with the recently completed improvements at Halladay Street (for drivers entering and exiting northbound 99), the roadway around the Aurora Bridge will certainly funtion better.

I know the current set-up can cause some uneasiness when it comes to merging traffic heading onto the bridge so it sounds like these changes could help.

Read more about SDOT’s Action Plan here.

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Wallingford near the top of the Walk Bike Ride Challenge

August 17th, 2011 by master

Wallingford is a relatively small neighborhood compared to others in the city, but only three are ahead of us in the Walk Bike Ride Challenge.

As of August 5, Wallingfordians have saved more than 4,000 miles by ditching their cars in favor of the bus, a bike or their own two feet. That amounts to 317 trips that have been switched since the challenge started at the beginning of last month.

The Walk Bike Ride Challenge is put on by Seattle Department of Transportation. Citywide, more than 1,200 people are participating, with more than 150,000 miles of driving saved and more than 75 tons of pollution avoided.

This round of the Walk Bike Ride Challenge runs through the end of the month. Participants have the chance to win prizes like an electric bike, iPad, hotel stay, and more.

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Wallingfordians saved 2,600 miles of driving in July

August 1st, 2011 by master

There’s still a month left in the Walk Bike Ride Challenge and so far Wallingfordians have saved 2,599 miles of driving.

The Walk Bike Ride Challenge is a two-month cycle that encourages drivers to walk, ride their bikes or take the bus. So far Wallingford is in fourth place for the number of participants and driving miles saved and trips switched from cars to other modes of transportation.

You can still register for the program. Convert at least two car trips per week and you could win a prize for each trip cut. The Seattle Department of Transportation will send weekly emails with tips.

The more trips one reports, the higher the chance they have of winning these prizes:

  • Electric bike from e-Moto
  • Apple iPad
  • Pan Pacific Hotel stay
  • Zipcar $250 gift card
  • REI $100 gift card
  • Nordstrom’s $100 gift card (supplied by Commute Seattle)
  • $100 gift card good at seven farmers’ markets
  • To join the summertime WBR challenge or for more information, click here.

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    Neighbors finish turtle street mural

    August 29th, 2010 by master

    Neighbors who live in and around the intersection of 41st Street and Interlake Avenue North woke up early — some prodded by their excited children — to finish a project that has connected them: a sprawling sea turtle street mural that will not only be a beautiful addition to their neighborhood but also, they hope, a deterrent to speeders.

    As the neighborhood is on the flight path to Seatac airport, passengers will get a bright surprise if they happen to look down at the right time. They’ll see this:

    “I’m relieved, but grateful to all the people in the community,” said retired Boeing engineer Bill Lindberg, who has lived in the neighborhood for almost 25 years and who spearheaded the project. “It proved to me how people come together in a community. It takes some coordination and effort. But everybody wants to contribute.”

    Lindberg met many new neighbors in the petitioning process set up by the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT), which required the approval of neighbors who live along streets adjacent to the intersection.

    Dozens of volunteers painted until about 7 p.m. last night and started again this morning around 9 a.m. Painting finished with the black outlines at about 4:30 p.m. Neighbors enjoyed a barbecue afterward, while kids jumped off their energy in a giant Blues Clues bouncy ball set-up provided by Brian Eaton, a firefighter who worked a 24-hour shift yesterday and spent all day today painting alongside his wife Kathy and their two young sons, Cooper and Mason, who all painted yesterday.

    Cooper Eaton waits for more paint from Michael Sauer, pouring into a container held by Bill Lindberg

    Kate Gengo (shown below) moved to Seattle from her native New York city and has lived in the neighborhood for four years. As a single woman, she hasn’t had too many opportunities to get to know her neighbors, who tend to be busy families. But getting involved with the project has changed that.

    “This is the only way I’m able to meet my neighbors on a personal level,” said Gengo, who is studying to be an elementary school teacher. She is an avid gardener who has chatted with folks on their way to Wallingford Park as she’s worked outside.

    Working side by side with her neighbors and their kids on the mural has been a memorable experience for her.

    “I love to see kids problem solving, how they think creatively,” she said.

    Adults tagged female progeny with special praise.

    “The little girls work from dawn to dusk,” said Rachel Marcotte, the artist who came up with the design and who oversaw the chalking and painting. “They’re focused. Workaholics!”

    Halle Sauer, 8, who was the first to think of making the design a turtle and who helped paint the turtle’s head and shell, as well as a leaf, has already given the new neighborhood pet a nickname: “Bubbles.”

    Marcotte said its real name is “Arthur William,” in deference to Lindberg’s name.
    [

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