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Robot stomps into Wallingford

April 26th, 2011 by master

Seen the robot rising on the side of Bottleworks (1710 N. 45th St.)? We have nothing to fear from this iron giant — when completed the new mural will promote the monthly Wallingford Art Walk. Read more about the painting and its creators in our story from last month.

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Wallingford Art Walk getting mural, seeks paint

March 22nd, 2011 by master

This wall on the side of Bottleworks (1710 N. 45th St.) soon will sport the “Wallingford Robot” mural and promote the Wallingford Art Walk. But before work can begin, the artist needs specific kinds of paint and hopes to get donations from the community.

Art Walk chair Tara Shuttleworth told us that two local artists, Siolo Thompson and Maggie Schneider, plan to begin work on the mural in mid-April and complete it in time for the May 4 Art Walk.

Thompson provided this list of supplies needed:

Given our lovely maritime climate and the profligate presence of graffiti enthusiasts we will need to do the entire mural in exterior paint of the highest quality possible to avoid fading and damage. Exterior acrylic latex will work and I suspect that is what most people will have laying around and be willing to donate. If anyone has marine paint that would be even better though boat paints come in a very limited range of colors.

Here is what I am thinking:

6 to 8 gallons of Exterior latex primer. A fast dry primer would be ideal as we don’t know how the weather is going to treat us.

4 gallons of Anti-Graffiti clear shield. This is made by a wide range of companies and is suited to different surfaces. For our needs something like this would be ideal.

Aside from those major things we need exterior paint in various colors for the actual design work. I think we can work with most any color scheme we can get a hold of but I will personally also need a gallon of black for the outlines and details.

Painting paraphernalia:

  • wire brushes to scrub the wall before priming (5 to 10, hoping to get some volunteers to help with this)
  • rollers, handles and trays
  • assortment of wide brushes and angled brushes for edging (10 to 15)

Anyone who can donate supplies or money should contact Shuttleworth at

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Nearby: mural divides neighbors, supermoon, more

March 21st, 2011 by master

“Supermoon” rises over Ballard

Maple Leaf: Neighbors divided about proposed street mural

Super photos of “Supermoon” from Phinney-Greenwood

“Super” full moon over Maple Leaf: Welcome, spring

Police search Green Lake for man who grabbed a jogger

2011 Green Lake Spring Egg Scramble cancelled

Homeless man in Ballard dies of hypothermia

Maple Leaf Life: Mayor McGinn says new study shows Highway 99 tunnel and tolls will clog downtown streets

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Golden Oldies mural will be re-created

August 23rd, 2010 by master

An iconic mural (and a mural of icons) will rise again in Wallingford. When an SUV plowed into Golden Oldies on August 8 at 60 mph, it did more than damage the structure and merchandise; it took a large part of the exterior painting that depicted popular music through the past 60 years. Gone are Elvis and part of Chuck Berry.

We learned from Golden Oldies owner Dean Silverstone that two of the original mural artists came to the store and were really concerned. “They’ve agreed to form the group again to do the painting again,” he told us.

The mural won’t be repainted until the foundation and wall are completely fixed, which may take months, Silverstone said.

The mural in 2008. Thanks to JavaColleen for the photo.

As for the interior of the store, Silverstone and his employees haven’t been able yet to go through all the merchandise that was destroyed, damaged, or strewn around the shop. “Everything was mumbo jumboed. We found Abba under ZZ Top,” he said, in all seriousness. “It was a disaster. We’re slowly coming up.”

Business is moving ahead despite the missing corner of the store. “A lot of the people who come in now don’t even notice the hole in the wall,” Silverstone said.

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46th Street mural vandalized

July 30th, 2010 by master

The 46th Street Mural, which hasn’t even seen its final details, was vandalized Wednesday night, a tipster told us. The words “Not Art” were painted in big black letters over parts of the mural. The picture below was taken Thursday morning and sent to us.

By the time we arrived yesterday afternoon, there was no sign of damage.

The issue of vandals striking the mural came up in the comments of our story that ran when a winner for the design was chosen. Leah Eister-Hargrave, 46th Street Mural Committee member, explained how repairs will happen:

Urban Artworks is responsible for maintenance of the mural for one year August 2010-August 2011, after this initial year, maintenance will be addressed by the 46th Street Mural Project committee with negotiations with Urban Artworks to handle any needed touch-ups. A contingency fund will be set up to address any costs associated with the maintenance. A notification system regarding any tagging or defacement will be set up through local community groups, such as FAWN, that have weekly walks through the neighborhood for just such purposes. A detailed record of all paints used and where within the mural they are used will be kept while the mural is being painted. Through continued coordination of our core members of the steering committee and these aspects of care and handling, we feel we can keep the mural beautiful for the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, painting continues apace. This was the first we’d seen of the painted columns:

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46th Street mural painting to begin

July 7th, 2010 by master

The 46th Street mural that will grace the portal to Fremont and Wallingford has been sketched onto the wall that runs under Aurora Avenue, and painting is scheduled to begin today.

Artist Todd Lown needed to alter his design to accommodate trolley bus lines that run along N. 46th St. The design originally filled the whole space on the left side of the picture below.

“We like the way the redesign turned out and actually think that the irregularity of the top edge has made the overall design more dynamic,” Patricia Hopper, Project Manager of the Public Art Program in the Mayor’s office, wrote in the approval letter, according to a press release from the 46th Street Mural Project.

Follow the progress on the mural on the project’s Facebook page.

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Vote on 46th Street Mural Project

April 27th, 2010 by master

The 46th Street Mural Project invites residents of Wallingford and Fremont and users of the N. 46th Street underpass to help select the final design for the 300-foot mural beneath Aurora Avenue North. On the mural project site you can see slide shows with full details for each of final three designs, then vote.

Todd Lown and Kristin Ramirez are two of the finalists. Here is the selection from the third finalist, Susan Brown:

On May 5, the project’s Steering Committee will make the final selection, subject to the City of Seattle’s design review approval. Construction is scheduled for summer 2010, with a public dedication in August.

Thanks to our sister site Fremont Universe for the article!

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