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Green Lake Comm. Center toddler space closing

October 20th, 2010 by master

Parents and caregivers of wee ones know that once the cold, wet weather arrives in Seattle (and it always does!), there are precious few indoor play options where toddlers can burn off some energy. Now one of those options, the toddler play space at the Green Lake Community Center, will close because of budget cuts. From our sister site My Green Lake:

On Nov. 4, the Parks Department will begin converting the entire second floor of the Green Lake Community Center (7201 E Green Lake Dr N), including the large room occupied by the Toddler Play Space, into offices.

On Sept. 27, Mayor McGinn presented his 2011 City of Seattle budget recommendations to City Council.  If the Council accepts his recommendations, the Green Lake Community Center will lose six FTE staff and will operate under “Limited-Use Status.” 28 Parks Department staff members will be moving into the Green Lake Community Center.

Although final decisions about the 2011 city budget have not yet been voted on by City Council, the Parks Department needs to begin converting the space now, should offices be needed in January 2011.  Katie Gray, Parks Department North Recreation Manager, says that if the City Council’s budget does not necessitate moving offices into the Green Lake Community Center, the work will be reversed and the second floor rooms will once again be available for classes and the Toddler Play Space.

Read more details, including where the toddler equipment will be located for limited hours, on My Green Lake.

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