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Failed attack at Gasworks- stay safe!

September 2nd, 2017 by sarawilly

From our friends at Safe Seattle:

Safe Seattle community member Bob MacDonald writes that he witnessed and intervened in an attack on a woman in Gasworks Park this morning, at about 8 AM. This incident has been reported to the Seattle Police Department.

MacDonald saw a young woman entering the grassy area on the west side of the park from Northlake Way. She was walking through the area when she was accosted by a shirtless and shoeless man who was acting erratically, as if he were under the influence of drugs. As MacDonald says:

“I was about 20 yards away when I first began observing this incident. The attacker appeared to be trying to steal the woman’s backpack. When she wouldn’t let go, he pulled her closer and then grabbed her around the waist with both arms and tackled her to the ground. He then pinned her down and threatened her with some kind of object or weapon. I couldn’t see what it was.

At this point an employee of a rental bike company who’d been loading bikes onto a truck approached me and asked if anyone was going to call 911. He said, ‘I don’t think they know each other.’ Then he left.

I called 911 and continued to observe. A man from the Parks Department drove a white pickup truck out to the middle of the grassy area where the attacker and victim were struggling, and this caused the attacker to break off and confront the Parks guy, who had gotten out of his truck. I think the craziness of the assailant took the Parks guy off guard because he retreated back into his truck and left.

The attacker then went back to the victim and began shouting at her, swinging the backpack he was carrying and grabbing at her. He did this for about five minutes while I followed and talked to 911. He physically attacked her again in the grassy area to the east of the parking lot and I intervened and drew him away. A couple witnesses shouted for her to run and find some people to be around, but instead she went east out of the park and followed the trail along Northlake Way where it leads into some overgrown brush.

The attacker followed her back in there, and I didn’t want to pursue him at first because of the chance he’d corner me. But the 911 dispatcher told me the police were still two minutes away, and I didn’t want to let the victim out of my sight, so I decided to go down that path after them. When I found them, the attacker had the woman on the ground, just out of sight of the road. And now he was actually hitting her in the head. She started screaming as I approached. When I was about five feet away, the attacker noticed me and jumped up and came at me, trying to threaten me. I stepped around him and got between them and told the woman to go back into the park and find some people to help, which she did. The last time I saw her, she was running over the grassy hills to the east of the parking lot headed back into Gasworks Park.

I turned and left the brushy area and the attacker followed me out into the roadway (Northlake), threatening to fight me. I don’t think he really wanted to fight someone who would fight back, because at one point I almost threw a punch at him and I think he knew it. I said something like, “She’s gone now, dude; it’s over,” and he realized I was right and just turned around and walked east on Northlake.

He sat down on the curb next to the street and a University cop pulled up and walked over to him. The suspect immediately launched himself at the cop. They struggled briefly and the attacker broke free and fled. The cop caught up with him within one block. The cop deployed his Taser, but it failed. The cop then grabbed him and got him down and at that moment two other University police cars showed up and it took all three cops to get this guy subdued. SPD arrived within minutes and the man was arrested.”

Photo courtesy of Bob MacDonald

According to MacDonald, the victim left the scene and was being sought by police for questioning. MacDonald reported that he had heard she was located a few blocks away.

The Parks Department employee who intervened left the scene in his truck, and was being sought by police for additional details.

This incident happened in broad daylight at a popular Seattle park. MacDonald told me that several people witnessed the attack at various times during the 10 minutes it was ongoing. He counted six people standing and watching at one point, and he estimated that 20 people in total saw what happened, or parts of what happened. Besides those two individuals and the single Parks Department employee, who intervened briefly and then left the scene, no one else intervened. MacDonald told us that if just one other person had stepped up with him to confront the attacker, the outcome would have been very different.


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Burglar(s) enter homes through unlocked doors

March 7th, 2012 by master

Seattle Police are warning people of a recent crime spree in north Seattle, including several this week in Wallingford.

Terrie Johnston, the north precinct crime prevention coordinator, says that there have been several home burglaries in the night, when people were home. Early Tuesday morning, three burglaries occurred in the 4000 blk. of Sunnyside N; 4100 blk. of Sunnyside N; and 4200 blk. Meridian Ave. N.

The criminal(s) entered through unlocked front door; unlocked back doors. Homeowners and their children were home sleeping at the time of these crimes, believed to have occurred between the hours of midnight – 6 a.m. Purses, laptops, Blackberry, camera, phone and car keys taken. One vehicle was subsequently taken.

Please check your doors and windows before leaving your home and before going to bed. It is common to open a window when cooking or showering, for example. Perhaps one of your house guests inadvertently left a window open without you realizing this. Contractors might ask you to leave window open so they can put an extension cord through for power, check it out! We need to slow the criminals down and hope they make enough noise to catch a watchful neighbors attention!

Late last month, Johnston says there were several other occupied burglaries in Green Lake, Maple Leaf and on the east side of I-5.

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Man found shot in Woodland Park

February 20th, 2012 by master

UPDATE: The man who was shot has some brain activity but is not expected to survive, reports My Green Lake. The police are investigating the shooting as a homicide.

EARLIER: A man was found shot several times in Lower Woodland Park this evening, near the Green Lake trail. My Green Lake reports that the man, believed to be in his early 30s, was discovered with three gunshot wounds. He was unresponsive, and medics performed CPR while he was rushed to Harborview Medical Center.

A TV helicopter hovered over the scene, and police shut down both entrances to the lawn bowling area. There are no details about a suspect. We’ll update as we learn more.

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Police catch Wallingford bank robbery suspect

October 4th, 2011 by master

A bank robbery suspect has been booked into the King County Jail after robbing a bank in Wallingford this morning, police say. At approximately 10:40 this morning, police were called the the report of a bank robbery in the 1700 block of N. 45th St.

Police say the 45-year-old man went into the bank and handed a note to the teller but left empty handed. A nearby officer spotted the suspect and arrested him. He is booked for Investigation of Robbery.

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Car prowls on the rise in Wallingford?

June 8th, 2011 by master

A resident of the area around N. 39th and Densmore alerted us early this week to a sudden increase in car prowls in that part of Wallingford:

In the past few nights, someone has been going up and down our block going through cars. So far, nothing of value has been gone missing. But someone is rummaging through unlocked vehicles, usually emptying the contents of glove compartments.

Another neighbor noticed that the seal around their car windows had been tampered with, as if someone had been trying to get in with a coat hanger or similar object.

Again, this has been in the past few nights, between Sat. and [Monday].

In a followup email he added more information, after we asked if he’d reported the incident to the Seattle Police Department:

My girlfriend alerted the police. Not sure of the other neighbors. But our block captain passed the info on to her precinct contact. I believe in every case on our block, the cars were unlocked. As a rule I don’t leave anything in my car I don’t want to lose. Glad no one has lost anything, but a good reminder to lock our doors!

We checked in with Officer Loren Street, who’s Wallingford’s Community Police Team member, to get some advice about car prowls. We mentioned that the My Wallingford auto had been rifled through a couple of weeks ago (it was unlocked), but we didn’t let the police know because nothing was stolen. Street said to call the police, even if nothing of value is gone from the car:

It is very helpful to us when trying to determine crime trends that all crimes get reported.  One of the most common MO’s of car prowlers is to walk down the street randomly checking door handles to see if the cars are open.  More and more people are leaving their cars unlocked these days and removing the valuables just so their windows won’t get broken out when a prowler hits.  A good beat officer will recognize the amount of reports that have been made in certain areas and adjust his/her patrol patterns.  They might be a little more suspicious of people walking around a certain neighborhood if they know there is a problems there.

The best way to report a crime that is not an emergency is to call the non-emergency line at 625-5011.  You will get a phone tree that is very confusing to say the least but if you select option #2 and then option #8 you will be forwarded to a secondary operator to report you crime.  Just to state the obvious here, any criminal or suspicious activity that has a suspect on scene should be considered an emergency and 911 should be called.  So if you look out the window and someone is walking up the street checking door handles or something along those lines 911 would definitely be appropriate.

Street said he hadn’t seen a spike in recent car prowl reports, but that he’d check with the crime prevention expert to see if she had any different information.

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Catalytic converter stolen in Wallingford

May 14th, 2011 by master

We’re filing this one under: “Who knew?” Reader Charley sent a note late last night:

Watch out for catalytic converter thieves out and about. On the night of 11 May, someone very efficiently crawled under my ’93 Toyota 4Runner and stole the catalytic converter by sawing through the exhaust pipe on either end. This theft is common in these vehicles because of the easy access. It is well documented on blogs. But I thought we should know that it’s happening right here in Wallingford. The vehicle was street parked on the corner of 47th and Interlake, facing east on 47th. Please be vigilant and perhaps we can catch these thieves.

Why would thieves steal catalytic converters? helps answer the question:

The catalytic converter was mandated for all U.S. cars and trucks in 1975, to convert harmful pollutants into less harmful emissions before they left the exhaust system. Precious metals such as platinum, palladium, rhodium or gold are used as the catalyst. Depending on which metal was used, thieves can sell the converters to metal recyclers for $20-$200. The recyclers then extract the metal and resell it for as much as $6,000 an ounce, as in the case of rhodium. While national theft figures are not recorded for catalytic converter theft, the crime has risen in tandem with sharply rising metal prices.

The article has advice on keeping your catalytic converter where it belongs

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Burglary and attempted break-ins on N. 45th St.

April 29th, 2011 by master

In the wee hours of  Wednesday night a shop on the 1600 block of N. 45th was burglarized and multiple businesses further east along N. 45th St. in Wallingford suffered damage during attempted break-ins. Not a Number (1907.5 N. 45th St.) owner Jon DeLeeuw wrote:

Somebody tried to break into the following businesses (that we know of) on Wed. night, approx. 3 a.m.:

Fainting Goat
Not A Number/Sock Monster
Teahouse Kuan Yin (not sure on this, damage seemed slight)
Rusty Pelican

The alarm at Joule went off at 3:30AM, and obviously scared them off as they left their crowbar and hammer by Joule’s back door.

They used a brute force method, basically ripping apart the doors/frames. As far as we know they did not get into any of these businesses….The neighbor behind us did not hear anything.

Online police reports list just one business, a restaurant on the 1900 block of N. 45th St. (presumably Joule), as an attempted burglary. The police report for the completed burglary later in the morning didn’t list any details.

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Wallingford gets new Crime Prevention Coordinator

April 25th, 2011 by master

Wallingford and all of North Seattle will now have a new Crime Prevention Coordinator (CPC), Terrie Johnston, who replaces Diane Horswill and Neil Hansen. This new appointment comes after Seattle Police Department secured grant funding for a total of four CPCs through the end of this year. There had been a total of six.

The coordinators work in the precincts to educate the public on ways to reduce their risk of becoming victims, and act as liaisons between the local community and the police.

You can get more information here about the CPCs. Our partners at the Common Language Project produced a story and video on the CPCs and their role in the neighborhoods last year.

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Tangletown’s Bandolero Restaurant burglarized

April 18th, 2011 by master

Thanks to our sister site My Green Lake for this story.

Bandolero, a restaurant and tequila bar located at 2253 North 56th St in Tangletown, was burglarized early Saturday morning (April 16, 2011). A police report lists the estimated incident time as 3 a.m.

“There was minimal damage, but our safe was stolen,” says owner Jay Farias.

If you have information about this crime, please contact the Seattle Police Department’s North Precinct non-emergency line at (206) 625-5011 and select 8 from the menu. You can also contact Bandolero directly at (206) 633-5828 or info [at]

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3 arrested for car prowl this morning in Wallingford

March 15th, 2011 by master

The Seattle Police Department reports on its site this morning that three suspected car prowlers were caught in the act at 3:45 a.m. on the 4200 Block of 2nd Avenue NE.

A witness saw that “three individuals were removing items from a parked car,” according to the report, which continues:

Officers arrived in the area and observed the suspect vehicle back into a parked car and then start driving toward them. Fortunately, the car apparently stalled. Two of the occupants were taken into custody, but the third suspect fled from the car. Containment was quickly set up and a K-9 was brought in. The third suspect was located by the K-9 hiding underneath a van nearby and was also taken into custody. It appeared that at least two cars had been prowled. It also became evident that the suspect car contained additional stolen items in it, so it was impounded pending a search warrant. The three suspects were positively identified by witnesses. The three suspects, two males, ages 27 and 28, and a female, 27, were later booked into the King County Jail for vehicle prowling and theft. The driver was also driving on a suspended license and charged with hit and run, and the suspect who ran had an outstanding warrant.

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