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Bike-car collision on N. 45th St.

August 9th, 2010 by master

On August 4 a car made a righthand turn off N. 45th St. without signaling and hit a bicyclist, according to a report on

Bikewise, a Cascade Bicycle Club site, collects accounts of bike crashes throughout the city and lists hazards for cyclists and bike thefts. A good resource for cyclists and a good reminder for drivers that bikes share the road.

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Now open: Green Care Auto Repair

April 5th, 2010 by master

Don’t let the lack of a sign fool you–Green Care Auto Repair on N. 45th St. and Corliss Ave. (formerly Walt’s Muffler) is open for business. Owner Alex Kagarlitsky says the sign should be in place by the end of the week.

Green Care is a general-purpose auto shop. Kagarlitsky described the services he offers: “We service imports and domestics including hybrid cars for light automotive repairs that would include oil changes, brake services, tune-ups and factory scheduled maintenance services.”

We toured the shop recently and noticed it’s very clean, which was one of Kagarlitsky’s goals. “We’re trying to set a new standard in the automotive industry for cleanliness and greenĀ repair,” he said. What does “green” mean for an auto shop? He gave us a few examples: he installed lower-energy lights in the shop, uses “zero hazard chemicals,” and recycles everything. He said they almost don’t need a dumpster because they buy fluids in bulk and Safety-Kleen will cart away used oil from oil changes.

Green Care will also offer monthly customer clinics on how to do basic preventative maintenance as well as cut the environmental impact of vehicles. And the first 100 customers will get a $60/hour labor rate (regular rate is $90/hour) and will be locked in at that rate forever.

For many in Wallingford, a distinctive feature of the shop’s exterior was the Ryan Henry Ward mural the on the building’s east side, which is now white. Kagarlitsky said he’d have kept the mural, but the landlord wanted it painted over. He points out, though, that the mural is now preserved if anyone wants to uncover it in the future.

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