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Beautiful evening for the Art Walk & Beat Walk

August 3rd, 2011 by master

Tonight is the First Wednesday Wallingford ArtWalk and the newly named Beat Walk – the music for the evening. Below is information on the businesses participating and their respective artists.

  • Irwin’s Coffee Shop: Photography Artist, James Perkins
  • RAIN Sushi: “RAIN Employees” artwork
  • Wally Pets: Photographer – Paul Brown- owner of Wally Pets, Photos of Orangutangs from his trip to Borneo.
  • Seamonster Lounge: Anthony Warner presents photos of PUBLIC ART from around the world. An expo of public art, murals, stencils, and graffiti pieces from Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Rome, Mexico City, New York, Havana, And Los Angeles. With Photography from Wallingford Art Walks very own Beat Walk Coordinator, Suzanna Wheeler. It will be her birthday that day as well! There will be a kickoff party at the Seamonster Lounge featuring free stencil art and drink specials- Wed. August 3rd, 2011 6-9pm.
  • Teahouse Kuan Yin: Jan Viney, a local nature photographer. We will be displaying a collection of beautiful bird and landscape photos, all shot here in the Northwest.
  • Wine World: Featuring four artists this month for Art Walk!Miska, Nina Mikhailenko, Kristen Winn and Erik Andrew. We will also be offering a free wine tasting from 6-8 pm!
  • Oasis Art Gallery: ‘Beneath the Surface’ Exhibition – August 3-October15
    Reception, August 3 6-9pm. Featuring: Abstract textured photographs on canvas by Josh Martin, found object art and mixed-media by Wallingford resident Nancy Merrill, hand painted silk by Miranda Roberts, photographs by Forrest Sargent who is a young man with autism, and fun-loving mixed media art by Gwendolyn Worthy. Images and more info here.
  • Stu Stu Studio: Summer Sale art, accessories,apparel, tasty treats and more! Hand bags by Crystalyn Kae, screen printed apparel by Gavin Carrol of Lunch Design, collage masterpieces by Marty Gordon, bathroom magic by Ugly Baby Shower Art, gorgeous vintage finds brought to you by The Pretty Parlor, one-of-a-kind jewelry by Dotted Line, and fresh baked pie by local poet and pie baking wonder, Kate Lebo. 6 to 9 pm
  • Blue Star Café: Marcia Douglas – Seattle–based artist/printmaker

    “I print for the joy of it. I like to work with layers of color and imagery and with Solarplate etchings, which give me a way to integrate my photographs into monoprints for fresh interpretations. I enjoy applying a variety of techniques to let the story of each piece reveal itself as the work and I go along in the creative process. My inspirations come from visual memories of moments in time, shapes and colors playing with and against each other, and the simple pleasure of making marks on the plate. My prints are relief and intaglio, sometimes including both in the same monoprint. I make monotypes and also editions. My processes involve various ways of creating plates, depending on my mood and what a piece seems to want. I often incorporate collage elements in my work. I began working in oil-based printing inks but have switched to Akua inks, which are non-toxic, soy-based and produce rich colors. For etchings, I use the Solarplate process which is also non-toxic.”

  • Studio #8 at Gasworks Gallery, 3815 4th Avenue, NE. Open Studio first Friday in September and December.
  • Key Bank: “Ms. Iris Jaffee is KeyBank’s Featured Artist. She is a self-taught artist and long-time resident of Wallingford. Her career was in the sciences and you can see that in the unique detail of her work. She enjoys using the blending of water colors for most of her work. Her works come from all corners of the world. We welcome you to meet Ms. Jaffee and see her work. Refreshments to be provided.”
  • Seattle Mosaic Arts presents the work of Gretchen Fuller. Traditional art form meets pop-culture iconography in Gretchen’s intricate and whimsical mosaics. This skilled mosaic artist creates functional and decorative pieces that are both playful and challenging. All of it makes you smile–don’t miss it!
  • Fuel Coffee
  • – Patrick Perkins. We will have live music in our store (Kevin Long & Dane Ueland) starting at 8pm on Art Walk night.

  • Xon’s Bakery (Boulangerie Bakery)
  • – Matt Ballard. “Recent changes in my life and awareness have brought me to my current work with perception. My curiosity, appreciation and respect of animals has inspired me to create a series of paintings (virtually
    endless) of animal silhouettes surrounded by a plane of swirling colors representing one plane of
    perception, being emotion and growth. The words in several languages are a metaphor for how well we understand each other as a whole as well as the definitions of these words as we know them.”

  • Not A Number regularly features local artists, especially in various types of locally-made greeting cards (local photography, poets, painters, graphic artists, even from Wallingford!).
  • Below is Music for the Art Walk. We will now start calling musical entertainment Wallingford’s Beat Walk

    Wallingford Beat Walk in August

  • Wallingford Center 6:30-7:30p
    Haiku-Chi !
  • SeaMonster Lounge 6:00-8:30
    Blue Monster
  • Fuel Coffee 8:00pm
    Kevin Long & Dane Ueland
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    First Wednesday: Farmers Market, Art Walk, more

    June 1st, 2011 by master

    Does any other Seattle neighborhood pack as much into one night a month as Wallingford does? Plan ahead and you’ll be able to sample everything Wallingford offers on this first Wednesday. Briefly:

    Farmers Market: The weekly market will debut at Meridian Playground at 3:30 p.m. (3:00 if you’re a chef) and run till 7:00 p.m. Be sure to wear your wellies today — the market will be on the turf at the southwest corner of the park, and today’s forecast says we’ll have showers.

    A note about parking. Market organizers posted this on their website:

    Please do not access the Market via Sunnyside Avenue North, and please, absolutely no parking in the Good Shepherd Center parking lots. Please respect our gracious neighbors who have facilitated this relocation.

    On most days you should be able to park along Meridian Ave. or a nearby side street.

    New Wallingford Farmers Market location

    Art Walk: Begins at 6:00 and features locations throughout the neighborhood. If you’ve not been to Seattle Mosaic Arts, a hidden treasure at 1325 North 46th St., be sure to stop by for their second anniversary celebration and members show.

    Get a map and details on the art walk and music performances on the Wallingford Art Walk site.

    Community Council Meeting: Head over to the Good Shepherd Center after the farmers market for the monthly Wallingford Community Council meeting, 7 to 9 p.m.

    How do you plan to spend your Wallingford Wednesday?

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    Robot stomps into Wallingford

    April 26th, 2011 by master

    Seen the robot rising on the side of Bottleworks (1710 N. 45th St.)? We have nothing to fear from this iron giant — when completed the new mural will promote the monthly Wallingford Art Walk. Read more about the painting and its creators in our story from last month.

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    Wallingford Art Walk getting mural, seeks paint

    March 22nd, 2011 by master

    This wall on the side of Bottleworks (1710 N. 45th St.) soon will sport the “Wallingford Robot” mural and promote the Wallingford Art Walk. But before work can begin, the artist needs specific kinds of paint and hopes to get donations from the community.

    Art Walk chair Tara Shuttleworth told us that two local artists, Siolo Thompson and Maggie Schneider, plan to begin work on the mural in mid-April and complete it in time for the May 4 Art Walk.

    Thompson provided this list of supplies needed:

    Given our lovely maritime climate and the profligate presence of graffiti enthusiasts we will need to do the entire mural in exterior paint of the highest quality possible to avoid fading and damage. Exterior acrylic latex will work and I suspect that is what most people will have laying around and be willing to donate. If anyone has marine paint that would be even better though boat paints come in a very limited range of colors.

    Here is what I am thinking:

    6 to 8 gallons of Exterior latex primer. A fast dry primer would be ideal as we don’t know how the weather is going to treat us.

    4 gallons of Anti-Graffiti clear shield. This is made by a wide range of companies and is suited to different surfaces. For our needs something like this would be ideal.

    Aside from those major things we need exterior paint in various colors for the actual design work. I think we can work with most any color scheme we can get a hold of but I will personally also need a gallon of black for the outlines and details.

    Painting paraphernalia:

    • wire brushes to scrub the wall before priming (5 to 10, hoping to get some volunteers to help with this)
    • rollers, handles and trays
    • assortment of wide brushes and angled brushes for edging (10 to 15)

    Anyone who can donate supplies or money should contact Shuttleworth at

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    Groundhog Day Art Walk

    February 2nd, 2011 by master

    Before we knew Punxsutawney Phil’s verdict this Groundhog Day, we could tell that spring is coming. The days are lengthening, bulbs are starting to sprout from the ground, and these dry cool days are perfect for the monthly Wallingford Art Walk.

    Make your first stop Wallingford Center, where Art Walk organizers will be from 6 to 8 p.m., handing out maps, magnets and stickers, plus information on where all the festivities are for the evening.

    Organizers sent over details of the art and music on this month’s Art Walk. You can download a map of the venues at the spiffy new Wallingford Art Walk website.

    February 2011 Wallingford Art Walk

    Wallingford House: Our Artists this month will be Michael Morgan, Sereasa Wittman, Tim Jezik, John Schwinn, Aaron Crosetto, Suzanne Sanchez, Christy Lytle (All club members of the Wallingford House.)  A few members will be playing the piano.

    Oasis Art Gallery:  ‘Connectivity’ January 23 – April 10, 2011

    Lisa Chancellor, Cara Kennedy, Tina Koyama, Paul Lewing, Aziz Mohammed

    Trophy Cupcakes:  Kelly Brownlee, complete with an Artist Opening from 6-8pm. Punch & Cupcakes will be served!

    Dandelion Salon: Elisabeth Vedrine abstract and modern paintings of mixed media on cradleboard (oil, Acrylic, Resin)

    Irwin’s Coffee Shop: Our own barista and night baker, Alex Berry

    Fuel Coffee:  Aaron Winnenberg

    Blue Star Café:  Karrin Keil

    Kaarin Keil is a native Seattleite who has combined her love of water and travel with her passion for photography.  She graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a degree in Political Science with a minor in Psychology.  During college she worked as a photo editor for the school paper and also did a photo internship for local legend Art Wolfe.

    Oom Yung Doe:  Carol Hiltner

    Carol Hiltner has been actively facilitating the shifting of human consciousness toward world peace since the mid-80’s find out more about this woman’s extraordinary life and vision at

    Fainting Goat Gelato: Page Eaton

    “I consider my style young, bold and modern.  Inspired by many famous pop-artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, I’m currently focusing on portraiture.”

    Grizzled Wizard: Jeremy Gregory

    “I am deep in my addiction for creating images at this point.  I enjoy the organic feeling of growth working from dark to light, and the physical act of scribbling takes me back to coloring as a child.  Most of the time my work is infused with a dark sense of humor which I try to relate to the viewer or theme.”

    Boulangerie:   Ken Roeder

    “I live in a land filled with Community, vibrant colors set on gray tones, and people singing into microphones.  Deep conversations, dancing the night away, and laughter keep me ticking.

    I spend a lot of time in the space between the heart and the mind.  I have been known to yield this moment savoring device in-order to document this thing that we call life.   With a skill set to bring me into the moment; photography is one of my favorite tools. Because is gives me the opportunity to share what makes me feel alive.”

    Bargain Fair Thrift Store:  Fabiola Reina

    Fabiola Reina was born in Indonesia and has traveled extensively throughout her lifetime.  Her exposure to different cultures and scenery resulted in her global perspective as well as her interest in creative adventure and diversity.  She has always had a passion for art, photography and architecture and has always had an interest in exploring different mediums.

    Selena’s:  Aimee Rush

    “The beauty is the ability to transform…Taking any situation and finding the love and light that is in all of us.  I follow my passion to make a difference….creating a catalyst for finding one’s own beauty so that we can all shine.”

    Museum Quality Framing: Maggie Schneider

    “Maggie’s artwork is a playful yet thoughtful perspective of life in a city.  Her artistic philosophy combines making art that is both physically and intellectually accessible with a conscious effort to use post-consumer waste as viable materials.”

    Wally Pets: Lindsay Slater

    “My photos start with an attraction to street art that is borderline obsessive.  I’ll walk for hours, letting myself be drawn to areas that I know will hold gems.  When I see my favorite spots get painted over with dull gray, or worse- get torn completely down- it still shocks my heart.  I’m sad the beauties are gone, but happy for a fresh new canvas.  It makes me glad to know I have the images saved forever behind my lens.  I can go back to them any time I need cheering up. I construct lens attachments for my camera that results in my fractal images.”

    Julia’s Restaurant: Carina Booyens

    Since discovering the amazing reflective qualities of sparkly paint Carina has become captivated with iridescence and shifting luminescence within a painting.  The constant surprises of how the paintings become more than just her creation, it becomes its own being.  The new owner of the painting will learn much more of the paintings personality than the maker.  Her favorite thing about her new style is that it chose her and she even likes (dare she say LOVE?) many of her own works.

    SeaMonster: Kevin Sullivan

    Sensei 23 moved from the East to the West in 2001.  He worked his way into the Seattle scene one project at a time with the Elysian Brewing Company starting it off.  They commissioned him to do a series of their beer labels, in which he portrayed the images of Greek Gods and Goddesses.  He would also go onto designing other local beer labels, flyers, T-shirts and winning a T-Shirt contest for Del the Funky Homosapien.

    Thomas Starks 7:00pm Seamonster (Acoustic Guitar)

    Changes: Nalisha Rangel

    Nalisha has been creating art since she was 6 years old.  She has dipped into such mediums as paint, ceramics, jewelry, tattoo design and dance.  She grew up in a Sonoran Desert town where her paintings were heavily influenced by saturated colors of sunsets and crisp mountain landscapes.  Since moving to the Pacific Northwest she has been experimenting with heavy earth tones and multiple layers of paint.

    Kabul: Dana Jonas

    Her time spent studying psychology still plays an important role in her work.  Take a serious, long look at her portraits.  Her connection with her subjects is uncanny.  She can see into the soul of an individual and with that, find the true beauty in every person put in front of her lens.

    Wallingford Center:  Xavier Lopez Jr

    “Cool,” “Urban,” “Goth,” “Kawaii,” “Pop Surrealist,” or whatever definition you might want to come up with, Lopez’ artistic style crosses over many boundaries and unsettles them all.  Most recently, Lopez’ work has been described as “gleefully disturbing,” a cross between very old Fleischer cartoons and their animated nightmares, giving us a glimpse into the disquieting world that we all invent for ourselves before we have a chance to make sense of the universe and its vast contradictions.”

    Daniel Miller Acoustic Guitar 6:30 Wallingford Center

    Fuerte Fitness: Kassi Morrow

    “I have been drawing since the age of fine and painting since 1999.  I studied at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and the Art Institute of Seattle.  I moved to San Diego, where I attended the Art Academy of San Diego.  My studies were focused on drawing, and oil painting, primarily portraits.  My most influential instructor and mentor was landscape artist Stuart Burton.”

    Al’s Tavern’s:  “One of our regulars and a local printmaker-extraordinaire, John Smith.

    We’ll also, once again, be offering the following discounted drink specials from 6-9pm: $3 micro pints, $2 Rainiers/Bud Lite pints and $3 well drinks.”

    Seattle Mosaics: “We are featuring many different artists for February–all the mosaics are 7×12 wallhangings, and each person started from the same blank slate and each took the mosaic in their own direction. This show coincides with our Theme Night on Feb 9, called “Get Hooked” where folks can come to make a 7×12 wallhanging with a hook (“wall-hook”) to use as a coat hook, purse hook, belt holder, necklace holder, and so on. Of course, if anyone is inspired on Art Walk to jump in and make a 7×12 wallhanging (or any mosaic) right then and there, we’ll set them up on Wed night!

    Whith of Fisky 7:00 Babalu  (Funk/Brass)

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    Art Walk has new participants, music

    December 1st, 2010 by master

    Tonight is the monthly First Wednesday Art Walk, and the new leadership hasn’t wasted any time signing up new participants. Art Walk Chair Tara Shuttleworth sent a list of new additions:

    Irwin’s Bakery will feature Angie Heinrich’s mosaic mirrors.

    She added that in January, more new businesses will join the Art Walk: Al’s Tavern, Babalu Lounge, Changes, Kabul Afghan Cuisine, Wallingford House and May Restaurant & Lounge.

    Shuttleworth said in an email, “In addition to these 13 new businesses we also have a new Art Walk logo and updated Wallingford Art Walk Map. Please check out our website The map will be updated again in January and we will have the businesses in numerical order.”

    In addition to the wide-ranging art offerings, live music will be part of the Art Walk: Caffe Appassionato will feature Andrew Vait, acoustic singer and songwriter, performing from 7:30-8:45 p.m. Rain Sushi will have John Terpin and Friends performing from 6:30-7:45 p.m.

    Here are details of the December 2010 Wallingford Art Walk:

    Seattle Mosaic Arts: Crystal Thomas

    Wallingford Center: Maggie Schneider. Paintings

    Maggie Schneider creates colorful, multi-medium paintings that reflect her main influences; urban environment, children, and personal experience. Contrary Garden is an exploration of imaginary gardens inspired by forgotten/disregarded wall spaces in a city. At any moment, the artist is always willing to infuse color and life into her environment. Her exploration of visual material does not end in the studio. Perhaps you will find her garden growing in your neighborhood.

    Fuel Coffee: Jamie Jester

    Oasis Art Gallery:  ‘Traversing Realms’ exhibition. We are also kicking off our FREE gift wrapping during the Art Walk!

    Seamonster Lounge: Ryan Henry Ward.  Paintings

    Henry hails 109 murals in the city of Seattle.  He is known for his whimsical and often edgy pop-surreal art with psychedelic undertones.

    Grizzled Wizzard:  Dave McKay The Whiskey Lamp Guy

    “I began making “Whiskey Lamps” when I was in graduate school in 1967.  Over the years, friends admired my original efforts but I did not re-start my hobby until I retired.”

    Blue Star: Carol Hiltner. Paintings

    Carol Hiltner has been actively facilitating the shifting of human consciousness towards world peace since the mid-80’s.  She is an artist and writer.  You can learn more about this amazing woman’s journey at

    Irwins Neighborhood Bakery and Cafe:  Angie Heinrich Mosaic Mirror Art

    We usually close at 8pm on weeknights, but will be happy to stay open until 9pm for Art Walk Wednesdays.  We will definitely provide a platter of mini cookies for any and all who might attend, but welcome people to purchase coffee and other desserts.

    Fainting Goat Gelato:  Lindsay Astrab Slater  Photography

    “I construct lens attachments for my camera that result in my fractal images.  Nothing elaborate and no computer programs needed.  My photos start with an attraction to street art that is borderline obsessive.  My hope is that these graffiti angles give people a new form of beauty to fill their eyes with.”

    Selena’s Guadalajara:  Susan Ciaccio

    Susan fell in love with the Hispanic culture early on, living in San Salvador as a child, and visiting Mexico often with her family.  She loves the true sense of culture that Mexico holds, and it’s bright and vibrant celebrations.  She loves using bright colors and adornments such as glitter and rhinestones to make the pieces really pop!

    Boulangerie Bakery:  Starheadboy

    Starheadboy is a super prolific artist. Born and raised on the gorgeous Pacific Northwest he flows his vibrant art through pure stream of conscious and relies on raw instinct, unlimited imagination and constant inspiration to create his work.

    Wally Pets:  Jesse Link

    Jesse Link has been many things over the years including a student, soldier at war, a person involved with the reconstruction effort of New Orleans post Hurricane Katrina, and for the past 5 years a Seattle artist.

    Caffé Appassionato: Dana Jonas Photography

    Dana Jonas time spent studying psychology still plays an important role in her work.  Take a serious, long look at her portraits.  Her connection with her subjects is uncanny.

    Music:  Andrew Vait 7:30-8:45pm (

    Dandelion Salon: B. Ambrose Photography

    Fuerte Fitness:  Tamara Nelson

    During a semester at Hunter College in New York, she discovered the excitement of painting in color on a large scale.  Particularly impressed with the interactions of the colors and how they excited or reacted with one another, she has since strived to create work that explores the intensity, movement, and placement of color, texture and patterns.

    School of Oom Yung Doe: Matt Ballard

    “My curiosity, appreciation and respect of animals has inspired me to create a series of paintings of animal silhouettes surrounded by a plane of swirling colors representing one plane of perception, being emotion and growth.  The words in several languages are a metaphor for how well we (humans) understand each other as a whole as well as the definitions of these words as we know them.”

    Dotted Line: This will be a great chance to do a little holiday shopping, and kick off the season with a fun and festive get together.  Come celebrate Dotted Line’s FOUR year anniversary, and the first night of Hannukah!  Delicious holiday snacks, tasty spiced beverages, and sweet surprises provided. *MAJOR bonus points for donning an ugly sweater or giant menorah costume (or why not both?).

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    Wallingford Art Walk tonight

    September 1st, 2010 by master

    It’s the first Wednesday of the month, and that means it’s time for the Wallingford Art Walk.  You can enjoy local artists, live music, and special discounts at businesses around the neighborhood from 6pm to 9pm.  To download a map of this week’s locations, click here.

    Photo from Art Walk website

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    First Wednesday: how to choose, how to choose?

    July 6th, 2010 by master

    The 7th is the first Wednesday in July, and Wallingford has two monthly events vying for your attention. First up, the Art Walk, which runs from 6 to 9 p.m. and gets you out most corners of the neighborhood. “Hejira – World Music Experience” will play the Wallingford Center plaza.

    As part of the Art Walk, Cutz Meridian is holding a “pARTy,” where this month’s featured artists will be on the patio for some “live painting action” to the accompaniment of an acoustic guitarist. Learn much more here. Ten percent of the art sale proceeds will go to National Wildlife Federation.

    For a party of the civic sort, head over to Good Shepherd Center for the monthly Wallingford Community Council meeting. Doubt that’ll be a good time? See the description from new Council President Eric Fisk:

    Please come to the Wallingford Community Council this Wednesday between 7 and 9 at the Good Shepherd Center, room 202. We have lots of amusing stuff on tap:

    7:00 – 7:15: Hello to your neighbors plus review a Neighborhood Matching Grant for a Neighborhood Plan update.
    7:15 – 8:15: Seattle’s one and only deputy mayor, Darryl Smith. He’s reportedly a swell guy. Some stuff we’ll cover include taxing Kroger for the pit on Stoneway, getting a fair share of the city budget, compensating the neighborhood for the transfer station expansion, the community center / Good Shepherd Center, the neighborhood plan, road diets and congestion tolling, the 60 million dollar budget hole next year, and why we want 200,000 for wading pools back in the budget.
    8:15 – 8:45: Recommendations for the Good Shepherd Center advisory board, which has a lot on its plate as the economy is causing tenant shifts.
    8:45 – 9:00: Topics for next time around, including a discussion about 520 and carbon neutrality (scheduled for August).
    9:00: We all snort coke and break out the disco ball.

    Did you notice wading pools on the agenda? The one at Wallingford Playfield will be open for the kids to cool off in the scorching temps (forecast to be in the high 80s).

    Of course, with summer in full swing, the farmers market will have enticing berries, tomatoes and prepared foods. Plus, the Wallingford Center merchants offer 10% off your purchases if you show that you’ve shopped at the farmers market.

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