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Victim of hit-and-run looking for information

December 9th, 2011 · 19 Comments

We wanted to pass along this note sent to us:

Dear fellow Wallingford community members,

I was wondering if you could spread the word about an accident that occured in front of the Wallingford QFC on Friday, November 4th. That morning, I was hit by a car — making a right-turn from 45th St onto Wallingford Ave — while I crossed the crosswalk. The car did not stop after striking me, and continued to drive northbound on Wallingford. I hoped to send this email out earlier, but have been recooperating from a surgery repairing my left shoulder the past few weeks.

To give context to the situation: Around 7:30AM on 11/4/2011, I was at the SE corner of the 45th St & Wallingford Ave intersection. I saw my #44 bus coming westbound on 45th street. Because the blinking red hand had started, I jogged across the crosswalk to catch it. At this time, there was a line of vehicles in the left-hand turn lane and the go-straight lane on 45th street. This blocked me from seeing a car about to make a quick right turn from WB 45th St onto Wallingford Ave. I didn’t see a car was accelerating to do a right turn until I passed in front of the car in the go-straight lane. The car struck me, sending me flying about 8-12 feet onto the sidewalk. The driver of the car did not stop to see if I was OK.

Fortunately, the only injuries I sustained were a dislocated left shoulder, rotator cuff tear, and brusing on my right leg (where I was struck). While there were several witnesses to the crime, none were able to get a license plate number. We were only able to tell that it was a dark-colored Honda coupe/sedan — possibly an Accord or Civic. The case is still under investigation by the Seattle Traffic Collision Investigators (SPD Case# is 11-359054).

I checked with the Wallingford QFC to see if any of their cameras had caught the accident. Unfortunately, their cameras only capture activity directly in front of their store doors. And they told me that they are the only ones at the intersection with a security camera. I am wondering if you may be aware of any other security cameras in the area that would have captured information on the car.

Essentially, I am hoping that you all can help spread the word in case anybody has any information. Also, I think it would be important to remind drivers and pedestrians to really take extra care and consideration while driving and walking this time of year. The increased nighttime hours can make it harder for cars to see pedestrians crossing the street.

Thank you for your time,

Wallingford resident