September 21

Street food is coming to Wallingford



Update: Here is a conceptual fly-by of the food truck pod, put together by Stewart Chung, architect and owner of BUNS. (Thanks Amy!)

In addition to getting a latte at the home of the velvety foam, those who visit the corner of N. 45th St. and Corliss will have an array of food options as Uptown Espresso will soon share its parking lot with a pod of food trucks. The semi-permanent food trucks will be open starting Friday from 5-9 p.m. with its debut celebration.

The debut will feature Curry Now, Barriga Llena, and BUNS, who according to Amy Novak, was selected by Sunset Magazine as one of three “Seattle Burger Kings.” Coming soon to the lineup will be Street Treats, Lumpia World, Big Food, Pai’s, Fusion on the Run and Marination.

From Novak:

The trucks and Uptown Espresso are attempting to develop this into a semi-permanent street food pod to serve the Wallingford neighborhood so your support is essential for its success.  So come by this Friday evening, join the debut celebration and enjoy some tasty food.

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  1. As a Wallyhood resident I'm thrilled to have both Uptown Espresso near by and hear they are working on developing street food partnerships by sharing their parking lot!

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