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Wallingford Art Walk getting mural, seeks paint

March 22nd, 2011 · 1 Comment

This wall on the side of Bottleworks (1710 N. 45th St.) soon will sport the “Wallingford Robot” mural and promote the Wallingford Art Walk. But before work can begin, the artist needs specific kinds of paint and hopes to get donations from the community.

Art Walk chair Tara Shuttleworth told us that two local artists, Siolo Thompson and Maggie Schneider, plan to begin work on the mural in mid-April and complete it in time for the May 4 Art Walk.

Thompson provided this list of supplies needed:

Given our lovely maritime climate and the profligate presence of graffiti enthusiasts we will need to do the entire mural in exterior paint of the highest quality possible to avoid fading and damage. Exterior acrylic latex will work and I suspect that is what most people will have laying around and be willing to donate. If anyone has marine paint that would be even better though boat paints come in a very limited range of colors.

Here is what I am thinking:

6 to 8 gallons of Exterior latex primer. A fast dry primer would be ideal as we don’t know how the weather is going to treat us.

4 gallons of Anti-Graffiti clear shield. This is made by a wide range of companies and is suited to different surfaces. For our needs something like this would be ideal.

Aside from those major things we need exterior paint in various colors for the actual design work. I think we can work with most any color scheme we can get a hold of but I will personally also need a gallon of black for the outlines and details.

Painting paraphernalia:

  • wire brushes to scrub the wall before priming (5 to 10, hoping to get some volunteers to help with this)
  • rollers, handles and trays
  • assortment of wide brushes and angled brushes for edging (10 to 15)

Anyone who can donate supplies or money should contact Shuttleworth at

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