January 19

McDonald parents survey: Which languages for immersion?



Last week McDonald Elementary School‘s current and future families learned some surprising news: Not only had the school been selected as the next International School with language immersion (modeled on Wallingford’s popular John Stanford International School), but language immersion would likely begin in fall 2011.

At last week’s meeting, questions arose about the choices of Spanish and Japanese as the immersion languages. These align with John Stanford and Hamilton Middle School, where McDonald students would go, but international schools in South Seattle and West Seattle teach Spanish and Mandarin.

The McDonald PTA would like to gauge interest in the three languages, plus other curriculum decisions that could be made before a program is in place.

From the McDonald PTA:

On Thursday we were told our community will have some opportunities to shape the International model at McDonald — that we do not need to be a carbon copy of John Stanford. We can build upon our strengths and benefit from John Stanford’s experience too.

The first step is to know where our community stands. Please take 3 minutes to answer this confidential survey about what you’d like to see at McDonald next year.

Take The Survey Now

The PTA asks that interested parents fill out the short survey by end of day tomorrow (Thursday, January 20).

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  1. I wanted to fill this out and it said end of day THursday, January 20th. My watch says it is only 3:40 PM Thursday and it already says the survey is closed!

  2. What's the point of having both International schools in the same neighborhood?! What about the rest of the North end????

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