October 28

Guys: Join Spin and grow a 'stache for Movember



Starting next Monday, November 1, you may notice that formerly facial-hair-free gents about town will be sporting mustaches. They may be making more than a fashion statement — they could be using their follicles to raise money for prostate cancer as part of a month-long international mustache movement called Movember.

Local barbershop owner Spyridon Nicon (everyone knows him as the Spin in Spin’s Barbershop at 4501 Interlake Ave. N.) and his newest barber, Todd Bridges, are assembling a team to start the month clean-shaven and end it with a neatly trimmed or big ‘n’ bushy “mo” (this event started in 2003 in Australia, where “mo” is a nickname for “mustache”). Along the way, they’ll raise money and awareness of men’s health issues throughout Movember. The funds raised through Movember’s US campaign benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG, the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Movember raised $42 million last year worldwide.

Spyridon “Spin” Nicon and Todd Bridges, before they start growing their Movember mustaches. We’ll check in with them next month for a progress report.

Spin just heard about Movember a couple of weeks ago from Bridges, and he and his staff and clients are gung-ho to grow mos. He has seven guys on the team now and is looking for fresh recruits. Spin and the gang will be in Fremont tonight to sign up participants at the Movember Pub Crawl, which starts at Norm’s (460 N. 36th St.) at 6 pm, then works its way through Ballroom (456 N. 56th St.), 9 Million in Unmarked Bills (3507 Fremont Pl.) and Red Door (3401 Evanston).

Joining the team is not an easy sell. “I’m hearing from lots of clients that they just can’t quite commit to the quest — job, wife, presentations, events, etc.,” said Spin. “I understand where they’re coming from, but I also believe that’s all the more reason to do it. The moustache makes the statement and starts the conversation, and hopefully that conversation leads to greater awareness of men’s health issues, and a donation to the cause.”

Spin said that the barbershop is a perfect rallying point for Movember: “Men’s issues, men’s grooming, lots of conversations.” Bridges added that he’ll give “a great deal” on haircuts to anyone who donates or joins the team.

To join Spin’s Movember team or make a donation, visit his Movember page.

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