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Have you seen Fifi the ceramic boxer?

October 18th, 2010 · No Comments

Neighbors near the corner of N. 46th St. and Densmore may have a nagging feeling that something is missing — it’s Fifi the ceramic boxer, who’s watched over the corner since 2003. Owner Jessica noticed on Thursday that Fifi was gone and hoped that she’d be found quickly. “Someone made off with her a few months back, but dumped her a couple blocks away and some Friends of Molly Moon saw her and brought her back to me,” Jessica told us.

As of this morning, Fifi’s still gone. A couple people have suggested that fraternity members may have stolen her as a prank, and Jessica would like people to keep their eyes open for Fifi beyond Wallingford.

Jessica also shared Fifi’s provenance:

My sister-in-law bought her in Chinatown, NYC, and shipped her in a giant box from there in…2000?  2001?  I remember getting really excited opening the box, then realizing what it was (my brother and I essentially grew up in a boxer kennel, our mother raised, bred, showed and continues to rescue boxers) and that it was a huge prank.

Jessica will celebrate her 40th birthday this weekend and would love her dear Fifi to join in the party. If you’ve seen Fifi, let Jessica know at jtrupin [at]