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Golden Oldies mural will be re-created

August 23rd, 2010 · No Comments

An iconic mural (and a mural of icons) will rise again in Wallingford. When an SUV plowed into Golden Oldies on August 8 at 60 mph, it did more than damage the structure and merchandise; it took a large part of the exterior painting that depicted popular music through the past 60 years. Gone are Elvis and part of Chuck Berry.

We learned from Golden Oldies owner Dean Silverstone that two of the original mural artists came to the store and were really concerned. “They’ve agreed to form the group again to do the painting again,” he told us.

The mural won’t be repainted until the foundation and wall are completely fixed, which may take months, Silverstone said.

The mural in 2008. Thanks to JavaColleen for the photo.

As for the interior of the store, Silverstone and his employees haven’t been able yet to go through all the merchandise that was destroyed, damaged, or strewn around the shop. “Everything was mumbo jumboed. We found Abba under ZZ Top,” he said, in all seriousness. “It was a disaster. We’re slowly coming up.”

Business is moving ahead despite the missing corner of the store. “A lot of the people who come in now don’t even notice the hole in the wall,” Silverstone said.

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