June 28

Reminder: Spoke and Food Tuesday night



This cool weather is perfect for a nice evening bike ride, and tomorrow you can bike to a restaurant where you’ll enjoy dinner and help out Lettuce Link, a program of Solid Ground. Tuesday night is the inaugural Spoke & Food event; two Wallingford restaurants, Cantinetta, and Blue Star Cafe, will participate.

If you feel like leaving Wallingford, you could make your destination any of a dozen restaurants in nearby neighborhoods.

The Spoke & Food folks posted some instructions to ensure your participation in the event is noted:

Important participant instructions for the evening of the event

Upon arriving at the participating restaurant of your choice, please mention to the host and your waiter that your are participating in the Spoke & Food event. Please thank the restaurant for agreeing to donate a percentage of your dinner bill to the Lettuce Link program at Solid Ground. All of our host restaurants have been provided with instructions on how to track your attendance and to tally the total donation that they will make.

Since it is a first year event, at the time of paying for your dinner, please remind your waiter that they are to donate a percentage of your bill to the Lettuce Link program.

Twelve of the fourteen restaurants will have Spoke & Food volunteers at them. Be sure to introduce yourself to the volunteers so that they know that you are dining in support of the event. The volunteers will also be available to answer questions you have about the Spoke & Food event while also helping to count the number of people who are participating in the event.

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