May 26

Home ransacked in burglary; garage/porch thefts



MyWallingford has obtained a police report about a home burglary in the 3800 block of Corliss Ave. N that happened between 8:30am and 5:30pm last Friday (5/21).  The thief used a screwdriver to pry open the back door.  The victim’s laptop had been taken from the kitchen, and the bedroom had been ransacked.  The jewelry box was emptied, the dresser drawers were all pulled out, and papers were scattered everywhere.

That same day, officers responded to the 4100 block of Ashworth Ave N where someone had broken into a locked garage.  As the officer was investigating, he received information about another garage burglary half a block away.  A third neighbor then approached the officer to inform him that a jogging stroller had been stolen off her porch.

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