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Mosaic meeting space getting new look

April 23rd, 2010 · No Comments

In the three years since Mosaic Coffeehouse opened, it’s been the go-to spot in Wallingford for community meetings, a rainy-day play area for toddlers, and anyone in need of a hot beverage and free wifi. Most surprising about Mosaic, other than its sprawling size, is its pay-what-you-choose policy for all food and drinks. This is a cafe open to everyone, regardless of their means.

Mosaic has made a space for the community, and now the community is going to remake a space for Mosaic. A group of local entrepreneurs have organized through the networking site to redesign a large meeting room called The Den. On the Biznik page, organizers Amy Woidtke, Jessie Wolfrum and Amy Darling describe their aim: “While Mosaic Coffeehouse is home to a beautiful spirit of generosity and community, The Den itself is can be described as drab, depressing and not optimally functioning… We have the blessing of Mosaic to redesign The Den, to better manifest their original design vision.”

The “before” picture: The Den at Mosaic Coffeehouse

The kickoff party for the redesign is  April 29, 5:30 to 8:30, in The Den. Leading the charge is Woidtke, an interior designer, who told us that the group is looking for product donations and funds to beautify the space and make it more functional. Without donations, she said, the project would be $3000-$4000. Any vendors who would like to donate the following items (or gift cards) should contact Woidtke at via her website,

4 sets of extra-long curtains, or fabric for them
4 sets of curtain hardware
Eco-friendly paint
Floor lamps and overhead lighting, non-flourescent
A few arm chairs
Throw pillows
Art framing
Projector screen, possibly
Indoor plants, mostly tall ones

Get more information about the April 29 event or donate money to help out with the redesign on the Mosaic website or the Biznik event page.